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Edmonton transit Services (ETS) is the primary source of bus transportation to Michael Phair School.  ETS passes are available at a subsidized price through the school.
The rates are available as per the School Board's Transportation website.  Rates are determined by the school board, not by Michael Phair School.

Students can by a subsidized ETS pass provided that they:
* are registered at their designated school
* aren't provided with other subsidized options

Students must pay the full cost of a monthly pass even if:

*they don't ride the bus every day
* buy the pass mid month
* the previous months pass must be paid for in full prior to student receiving a pass for the next month.

Visit Edmonton Transit System (ETS) for information about ETS routes to Michael Phair School.


ETS Fees

Junior High students -  $55.00 per month 

Replacement ETS pass - $73.50 per month